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The Community Wiki is a place for PeopleSoft Administrators to share documentation on setting up new features, how they resolved issues, and anything else they would like to share.

How to use the wiki

On the left are folder to group the various topics related to PeopleSoft Adminstration:
  • PeopleTools: Looking to configure a feature that is available under Main Menu > PeopleTools? Look under here.
  • Database: Articles about managing or working the the database.
  • Middleware: Want to read about Tuxedo, Java, WebLogic, COBOL. The middleware folder is for all supporting software that runs PeopleSoft
  • PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture: This area include Deployment Packages, Puppet, or anything about automation.
  • Server Administration: Articles about working with Windows, Linux, AIX or other server management topics.

How to contribute

Any one can contribute to the Communtiy Wiki. To make a contribution or edit, you'll need Git installed. It's also recommended you use a good text editor (like SublimeText, VS Code, Notepad++, vi) and are familiar with Markdown formatting.